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This warranty applies only to the original buyer. Our kittens are 100% guaranteed to be in good health and free any signs of infection and any contagious. We take pride in the fact that our relationship with you does not end when you take home a kitten from us. We would like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our kittens. While we may not be able to guarantee that your kitten will never have a health problem, we guarantee to do our best. All kittens purchased through Littlemeowdolls cattery are covered 1 year genetic health guarantee by a Breeder. Within 10 days of purchasing your new kitten, you must take him/her to a licensed Veterinarian for an examination. If the Vet determines, within 10 days of purchase ,if any health concerns are found to be medically deficient with an untreatable  or life threatining problem it must be reported to the breeder immediately and  you have the following options:
1.Return the kitten for complete refund
2.Return the kitten for a replacement kitten of equal value within 6 months
No medical or Travel charges will be refunded.
These options do not apply where a seller, who has provided a health certificate issued by a Veterinarian, discloses in writing at the time of sale the health problem for which the buyer later seeks to return the kitten.


All of our kittens have their first Veterinary visit at our local Veterinarian clinic, which includes recommended vaccines and a thorough evaluation. Kitten will be dewormed, internal /external parasites free and 100% litter trained.
Each kitten will be Microchipped and TICA registered.
Each pet kitten will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving for their new home if purchased as pet.
Purchaser agrees kitten will not be sold, traded or replaced to any other breeder without the written permission of the Breeder.
Under no circumstances kitten be sold to any pet shop, research labaratory or similar facilities. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

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